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Accepted Papers

Full Papers
Andy Applebaum, Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe and Simon ParsonsArguing about Firewall Policy
Ofer Arieli and Martin CaminadaA Logical Formalization of Argumentation Theory
Katie Atkinson, Paul Dunne and Trevor Bench-CaponUniform Argumentation Frameworks
Ringo Baumann and Hannes StrassDefault Reasoning about Actions via Abstract Argumentation
Neil Benn and Ann MacintoshMaking Sense of Macro- and Micro-Argumentation in Policy-Deliberation: Visualisation Techniques and Representation Formats
Floris Bex and Chris ReedDialogue Templates for Automatic Argument Processing
Gustavo Bodanza, Fernando A. Tohme and Guillermo Ricardo SimariArgumentation Games for Admissibility and Weak Defense Criteria
Katarzyna Budzynska and Chris ReedThe Structure of Ad Hominem Dialogues
Nadia Creignou, Uwe Egly and Johannes SchmidtComplexity of logic-based argumentation in Schaefer's framework
Paul Dunne, Pierre Marquis and Michael WooldridgeArgument Aggregation: Basic Axioms and Complexity Results
Wolfgang Dvorak and Christof SpanringComparing the Expressiveness of Argumentation Semantics
Wolfgang Dvorak and Sarah Alice GagglComputational Aspects of cf2 and stage2 Argumentation Semantics
Xiuyi Fan and Francesca ToniArgumentation Dialogues for Two-Agent Conflict Resolution
Xiuyi Fan and Francesca ToniMechanism Design for Argumentation-based Persuasion Dialogues
Dov GabbayThe Equational Approach to CF2 Semantics
Maria Garcia-Villalba and Saint Dizier PatrickSome Facets of Argument Mining for Opinion Analysis
Nabila Hadidi, Yannis Dimopoulos and Pavlos MoraitisTactics and Concessions for Argumentation-based Negotiation
Anthony HunterFoundations for Probabilistic Abstract Argumentation
Eun Jung Kim and Sebastian OrdyniakValued-Based Argumentation for Tree-like Value Graphs
Dionysios Kontarinis, Elise Bonzon, Nicolas Maudet and Pavlos MoraitisPicking the Right Expert to Make a Debate Uncontroversial
Phan Minh Thang, Phan Minh Dung and Nguyen Duy HungTowards Argument-based Foundation for Sceptical and Credulous Dialogue Games
Maria Vanina Martinez, Alejandro J. Garcia and Guillermo R. SimariOn the Use of Presumptions in Structured Defeasible Reasoning
Sanjay Modgil and Henry PrakkenResolutions in Structured Argumentation
Samer Nofal, Paul Dunne and Katie AtkinsonOn Preferred Extension Enumeration in Abstract Argumentation
Samer Nofal, Paul Dunne and Katie AtkinsonTowards Experimental Algorithms for Abstract Argumentation
Simon Parsons, Katie Atkinson, Karen Haigh, Karl Levitt, Peter Mcburney, Jeff Rowe and Munindar SinghArgument Schemes for Reasoning about Trust
Henry Prakken and Sanjay ModgilClarifying some misconceptions on the ASPIC+ framework
Philip Quinlan, Alastair Thompson and Chris ReedAn analysis and hypothesis generation platform for heterogeneous cancer databases

Short Papers
Pietro Baroni, Guido Boella, Federico Cerutti, Massimiliano Giacomin, Leon Van Der Torre and Serena VillataOn Input/Output Argumentation Frameworks
Floris Bex, John Lawrence, Thomas Gordon and Chris ReedInterchanging arguments between Carneades and AIF - Theory and Practice
Richard Booth, Souhila Kaci, Tjitze Rienstra and Leendert Van Der TorreConditional Acceptance Functions
Cristian Emanuel Briguez, Maximiliano Celmo David Budán, Cristhian Ariel David Deagustini, Ana Gabriela Maguitman, Marcela Capobianco and Guillermo Ricardo SimariTowards an Argument-based Music Recommender System
Elena Cabrio and Serena VillataGenerating Abstract Arguments: a Natural Language Approach
Martin Caminada and Mikołaj PodlaszewskiA Persuasion Dialogue for Grounded Semantics
Sylvie Coste-Marquis, Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis and Mohand Akli OualiSelecting Extensions in Weighted Argumentation Frameworks
Madalina Croitoru, Jerome Fortin and Nir OrenArguing with Preferences in EcoBioCap
Nancy GreenAn Intelligent Learning Environment for Scientific Argumentation
Jeroen KeppensTowards Argumentation about Subjective Probabilities
Ashwag Maghraby, David Robertson, Adela Grando and Michael RovatsosAutomated Deployment of Argumentation Protocols
Angel Rolando Medellin Gasque, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-CaponPersuasion Strategies for Argumentation about Plans
Nir Oren, Katie Atkinson and Hengfei LiGroup Persuasion through Uncertain Audience Modelling
Luke Riley, Katie Atkinson and Terry PayneA Dialogue Game for Coalition Structure Generation with Self-Interested Agents
Chiaki SakamaDishonest Arguments in Debate Games
Yuqing Tang, Chung-Wei Hang, Simon Parsons and Munindar P. SinghTowards Argumentation with Symbolic Dempster-Shafer Evidence
Adam Wyner, Jodi Schneider, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-CaponSemi-Automated Argumentative Analysis of Online Product Reviews

Martin Caminada and Mikolaj PodlaszewskiUser-Computer Persuasion Dialogue for Grounded Semantics
Günther Charwat and Wolfgang DvorakdynPARTIX 2.0 - Dynamic Programming Argumentation Reasoning Tool
Saint Dizier PatrickDemo: Extraction of arguments in Natural language with the <TextCoop> platform
Stefan Ellmauthaler and Johannes Peter WallnerEvaluating Abstract Dialectical Frameworks with ASP
Yang Gao, Francesca Toni and Robert CravenArgumentation-Based Reinforcement Learning for RoboCup Keepaway
Thomas Gordon The Policy Modeling Tool of the IMPACT Argumentation Toolbox
Srdjan Vesic, Mykhailo Ianchuk and Andrii RubtsovThe Synergy: A Platform for Argumentation-Based Group Decision Making
John Lawrence, Floris Bex and Chris ReedDialogues on the Argument Web: Mixed Initiative Argumentation with Arvina
John Lawrence, Floris Bex, Chris Reed and Mark SnaithAIFdb: Infrastructure for the Argument Web
Mark Snaith and Chris ReedTOAST: online ASPIC+ implementation
Mark Snaith, Floris Bex, John Lawrence and Chris ReedImplementing ArguBlogging
Adam Wyner, Jodi Schneider, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-CaponSemi-Automated Argumentative Analysis of Online Product Reviews
Adam Wyner, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-CaponCritiquing Justifications for Action Using a Semantic Model