Photo: Dome of the Secession Building


Sunday September 9th

19:00Registration and Opening Reception (Boecklsaal)

Monday September 10th

09:00-09:15Opening (Boecklsaal)
09:15-10:15Invited Talk by Trevor Bench-Capon
The Long and Winding Road: Forty Years of Argumentation
10:15-10:45Coffee Break
10:45Session: Abstract Argumentation and Beyond (1) (Boecklsaal)
10:45-11:05Default Reasoning about Actions via Abstract Argumentation
Ringo Baumann and Hannes Strass
11:05-11:25 Towards Argument-based Foundation for Sceptical and Credulous Dialogue Games
Phan Minh Thang, Phan Minh Dung and Nguyen Duy Hung
11:25-11:45Complexity of Logic-Based Argumentation in Schaefer's Framework
Nadia Creignou, Uwe Egly and Johannes Schmidt
11:45-12:05Valued-Based Argumentation for Tree-like Value Graphs
Eun Jung Kim and Sebastian Ordyniak
12:05-12:15Conditional Acceptance Functions
Richard Booth, Souhila Kaci, Tjitze Rienstra and Leendert Van Der Torre
13:45Session: Innovative Applications (1) (Boecklsaal)
13:45-14:05Making Sense of Macro- and Micro-Argumentation in Policy-Deliberation: Visualisation Techniques and Representation Formats
Neil Benn and Ann Macintosh
14:05-14:25Arguing about Firewall Policy
Andy Applebaum, Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe and Simon Parsons
14:25-14:45An Analysis and Hypothesis Generation Platform for Heterogeneous Cancer Databases
Philip Quinlan, Alastair Thompson and Chris Reed
14:45-14:55Arguing with Preferences in EcoBioCap
Madalina Croitoru, Jerome Fortin and Nir Oren
14:55-15:05An Inquiry Learning Environment for Scientific Argumentation
Nancy Green
15:05-15:15Towards an Argument-based Music Recommender System
Cristian Emanuel Briguez, Maximiliano Celmo David Budán, Cristhian Ariel David Deagustini, Ana Gabriela Maguitman, Marcela Capobianco and Guillermo Ricardo Simari
15:40Session: Abstraction Argumentation - Algorithms (Boecklsaal)
15:40-16:00On Preferred Extension Enumeration in Abstract Argumentation
Samer Nofal, Paul Dunne and Katie Atkinson
16:00-16:20Towards Experimental Algorithms for Abstract Argumentation
Samer Nofal, Paul Dunne and Katie Atkinson
16:30-18:30System Demonstrations (Zeichensaal 14)
The Synergy: A Platform for Argumentation- Based Group Decision Making
Srdjan Vesic, Mykhailo Ianchuk and Andrii Rubtsov
Critiquing Justifications for Action Using a Semantic Model
Adam Wyner, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
Evaluating Abstract Dialectical Frameworks with ASP
Stefan Ellmauthaler and Johannes Peter Wallner
dynPARTIX 2.0 - Dynamic Programming Argumentation Reasoning Tool
Günther Charwat and Wolfgang Dvorak
TOAST: Online ASPIC+ Implementation
Mark Snaith and Chris Reed
Implementing ArguBlogging
Mark Snaith, Floris Bex, John Lawrence and Chris Reed
Dialogues on the Argument Web: Mixed Initiative Argumentation with Arvina
John Lawrence, Floris Bex and Chris Reed
AIFdb: Infrastructure for the Argument Web
John Lawrence, Floris Bex, Chris Reed and Mark Snaith
The Carneades Web Service
Thomas Gordon
Argumentation-Based Reinforcement Learning for RoboCup Keepaway
Yang Gao, Francesca Toni and Robert Craven
Demo: Extraction of arguments in Natural language with the <TextCoop> platform
Saint Dizier Patrick
Semi-Automated Argumentative Analysis of Online Product Reviews
Adam Wyner, Jodi Schneider, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
User-Computer Persuasion Dialogue for Grounded Semantics
Martin Caminada and Mikołaj Podlaszewski
18:30-19:30COST WG4 Argumentation Panel (Boecklsaal)
"The added value of argumentation"
with Sanjay Modgil, Floris Bex, Carlos Chesñevar, Tom Gordon, and Bart Verheij (Moderator)

Tuesday September 11th

09:00-10:00Invited Talk by Erik Krabbe (Boecklsaal)
Formal Dialectic: From Aristotle to Pragma-Dialectics, and Beyond
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30Session: Argumentation Dialogues (1) (Boecklsaal)
10:30-10:50Tactics and Concessions for Argumentation-based Negotiation
Nabila Hadidi, Yannis Dimopoulos and Pavlos Moraitis
10:50-11:10Argumentation Games for Admissibility and Cogency Criteria
Gustavo Bodanza, Fernando A. Tohme and Guillermo Ricardo Simari
11:10-11:30 Argumentation Dialogues for Two-Agent Conflict Resolution
Xiuyi Fan and Francesca Toni
11:30-11:50Picking the Right Expert to Make a Debate Uncontroversial
Dionysios Kontarinis, Elise Bonzon, Nicolas Maudet and Pavlos Moraitis
11:50-12:00A Dialogue Game for Coalition Structure Generation with Self-Interested Agents
Luke Riley, Katie Atkinson and Terry Payne
12:00-12:10Grounded Semantics as Persuasion Dialogue
Martin Caminada and Mikołaj Podlaszewski
13:45Session: Abstract Argumentation and Beyond (2) (Boecklsaal)
13:45-14:05Comparing the Expressiveness of Argumentation Semantics
Wolfgang Dvorak and Christof Spanring
14:05-14:25Computational Aspects of cf2 and stage2 Argumentation Semantics
Wolfgang Dvorak and Sarah Alice Gaggl
14:25-14:45The Equational Approach to CF2 Semantics
Dov Gabbay
14:45-14:55Selecting Extensions in Weighted Argumentation Frameworks
Sylvie Coste-Marquis, Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis and Mohand Akli Ouali
14:55-15:05On Input/Output Argumentation Frameworks
Pietro Baroni, Guido Boella, Federico Cerutti, Massimiliano Giacomin, Leon Van Der Torre and Serena Villata
15:30Session: Innovative Applications (2) (Boecklsaal)
15:30-15:50Argument Schemes for Reasoning about Trust
Simon Parsons, Katie Atkinson, Karen Haigh, Karl Levitt, Peter McBurney, Jeff Rowe and Munindar Singh
15:50-16:10Some Facets of Argument Mining for Opinion Analysis
Maria Garcia-Villalba and Saint Dizier Patrick
16:10-16:20Semi-Automated Argumentative Analysis of Online Product Reviews
Adam Wyner, Jodi Schneider, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
16:30-17:30Vienna Logic Weeks 2012 Plenary Talk by Robert Kowalski (HS 8)
Towards a Logic-based, Unifying Framework for Computing
19:00Social Dinner

Wednesday September 12th

09:00-10:00Invited Talk by Keith Stenning (Boecklsaal)
Multiple logics within argument: how defeasible and classical reasoning work together
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30Session: Structured Argumentation (Boecklsaal)
10:30-10:50Uniform Argumentation Frameworks
Katie Atkinson, Paul Dunne and Trevor Bench-Capon
10:50-11:10On the Use of Presumptions in Structured Defeasible Reasoning
Maria Vanina Martinez, Alejandro J. Garcia and Guillermo R. Simari
11:10-11:30Resolutions in Structured Argumentation
Sanjay Modgil and Henry Prakken
11:30-11:50Clarifying Some Misconceptions on the ASPIC+ Framework
Henry Prakken and Sanjay Modgil
11:50-12:00Interchanging Arguments Between Carneades and AIF - Theory and Practice
Floris Bex, John Lawrence, Thomas Gordon and Chris Reed
12:00-12:10Generating Abstract Arguments: a Natural Language Approach
Elena Cabrio and Serena Villata
13:45Session: Argument Aggregation and Uncertainty (Boecklsaal)
13:45-14:05Argument Aggregation: Basic Axioms and Complexity Results
Paul Dunne, Pierre Marquis and Michael Wooldridge
14:05-14:25A General QBF-based Formalization of Abstract Argumentation Theory
Ofer Arieli and Martin Caminada
14:25-14:45Foundations for Probabilistic Abstract Argumentation
Anthony Hunter
14:45-14:55Towards Argumentation about Subjective Probabilities
Jeroen Keppens
14:55-15:05Towards Argumentation with Symbolic Dempster-Shafer Evidence
Yuqing Tang, Chung-Wei Hang, Simon Parsons and Munindar P. Singh
15:05-15:15Group Persuasion through Uncertain Audience Modelling
Nir Oren, Katie Atkinson and Hengfei Li
15:40Session: Argumentation Dialogues (2) (Boecklsaal)
15:40-16:00The Structure of Ad Hominem Dialogues
Katarzyna Budzynska and Chris Reed
16:00-16:20Dialogue Templates for Automatic Argument Processing
Floris Bex and Chris Reed
16:20-16:40Mechanism Design for Argumentation-based Persuasion
Xiuyi Fan and Francesca Toni
16:40-16:50Dishonest Arguments in Debate Games
Chiaki Sakama
16:50-17:00Automated Deployment of Argumentation Protocols
Ashwag Maghraby, David Robertson, Adela Grando and Michael Rovatsos
17:00-17:10Persuasion Strategies for Argumentation about Plans
Angel Rolando Medellin Gasque, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
17:10Closing (Boecklsaal)