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Recursive Queries over

Semantically Enriched Data Repositories

Grant T515 |  Austrian Science Funds (FWF) | Hertha Firnberg Program

Principal investigator:   Magdalena Ortiz

International collaborators:

Project goals

Ontologies have been strongly advocated to model complex conceptual schemata of possibly heterogenous and distributed data sources, and to provide users with data access methods that incorporate ontological information. Most efforts to achieve this goal resort Description Logics (DLs) as standard languages for building ontologies. They also resort to database-inspired formal query languages to express user queries, but until now, focus mostly languages like conjunctive queries which do not support the sophisticated navigation of paths needed to query, for example, data on the web. This project considers data repositories described by lightweight DLs. The main aim is to enable more flexible data access and management by means of queries with recursion, like regular path queries (RPQs) and their extensions. Specifically, our goals are:


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