Download Binaries

You can download pre-built stable release versions of dlvhex and its plugins from this page.

You will need the dlvhex core in any case. It provides base functionality such as the evaluation of ASP- and HEX-programs and can be extended with the plugins listed below.

If you are using operating systems which are not listed below, or if you prefer to build from sourcecode for other reasons, please visit the Download Sourcecode page.

Note that this page is only about dlvhex 2.X because dlvhex 1.X is no longer supported and should not be used anymore. However, if you depend on 1.X (e.g. because a plugin is not available for 2.X), you may visit the old download page (distribution as sourcecode only).

dlvhex core

The current dlvhex release is 2.5.0 (2016-04-12):

dlvhex core Linux OS X Windows Description
dlvhex core 2.5.0 Download Download Download The core system (required for all plugins below).


Download the pre-built plugin for your operating system from below and extract it to a sub-directory called plugins, located relative to the dlvhex2 core binary.

If a pre-built plugin is missing for your operating system, you can also download the sourcecode from the Download Sourcecode page and build it on your own.

Plugin Linux OS X Windows Description
Action Plugin Download Action Plugin, see the action-plugin documentation.
Action Addons Download Action Addons, see the action-plugin documentation.
MCSIE Plugin Download MCS-IE Plugin, see the MCS-IE homepage.
Nested HEX Plugin Download Nested HEX Plugin, see the nested hex-plugin documentation
String Plugin Download Operates on strings, see the string-plugin documentation


dlvhex requires Python 2.7.8.

Note for Windows users: You can download and install Python from here. Please make sure to use the 32 bit version (even when using a 64 bit Windows) and to select the "Add python.exe to Path" option during installation.

On Linux, please also make sure to install libtool in order to be able to use plugins.


dlvhex source code @

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User Guide
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