Related Work

DMCS is a prototype solver for distributed nonmonotonic multi-context systems.

MCS-IE is a prototype system for explaining inconsistency in multi-context systems.

Potassco is an answer set solving suite maintained by the University of Potsdam. The most important components in this context are the grounder Gringo and the solver clasp, which are used by dlvhex as reasonder backends. Also related is Clingcon, which realizes ASP programs with constraint atoms and can be seen as a special case of an external source as supported by dlvhex.

NLP-DL is a prototype implementation for dl-programs, which preceded the development of HEX-programs. The DL-Plugin for dlvhex also supports dl-programs.

DLV, the core answer set solver that is optionally used by dlvhex as reasoner backend (alternative to Gringo and clasp), is widely considered the state-of-the-art implementation of disjunctive logic programming.

DLVDB is an extension of the DLV system with support for interfacing database management systems. The current development version of dlvhex can use this system for efficient handling of data stored in databases.

DLT is an extension to the DLV system providing reusable template predicate definitions. It is maintained by members of the DLV team from Universita della Calabria.

dlv-ex, created and maintained by Francesco Calimeri, Susanna Cozza, and Giovambattista Ianni, shares some aspects of our work by providing external builtins, which facilitate calls to external C++ functions, realized by introducing "parametric" external predicates.

James Delgrande, Torsten Schaub and Hans Tompits have created an external frontend for prioritized logic programs.

Vladimir Sarsakov, Torsten Schaub, Hans Tompits and Stefan Woltran have created an external frontend for logic programs with nested expressions.

A-POL, a partial order programming extension for Answer Set Programming, by Mauricio Osorio Galindo and Enrique R. Corona D.


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