Development Version

The current development version of dmcs is hosted at Sourceforge (you can browse the source code). See the instructions for getting the current trunk in SVN.

The dmcs development code can be retrieved by executing

svn co dmcs

See README for the list of packages you need to compile the development version of dmcs.

Compiling Source Packages Primer

Requirements for compiling dmcs: the inevitable Boost C++ libraries (available as packages for all major distributions and operating systems), and clasp (Debian/Ubuntu packages are available here).

dmcs is installed with the usual sequence:

make install

You can pass --enable-debug to the ./configure run for enabling debug information.

If you don't want a system-wide installation or don't have root-permissions, use

./configure --prefix=/path/to/dir

where /path/to/dir is the desired target prefix. There, the usual bin/ and lib/ will be created, if necessary.

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