MCS-IE: Multi-Context Systems Inconsistency Explainer

Download & Build

If you just want to play around with MCS-IE, you can use the MCS-IE Example Workbench, which is an interactive online demo website with MCS-IE in the background.

MCS-IE is hosted at Sourceforge within the dlvhex project. It is implemented as a plugin to dlvhex, so you will need to obtain dlvhex too.

Obtaining Source Code

You can get the latests sourcecode from Sourceforge as follows:

$ svn co mcsie_plugin


For building MCS-IE you need an installed dlvhex, you will also need at least Boost v1.41.

Building MCS-IE and running the testsuite is done by the following commands:

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make check
You probably need to give some options for ./configure, e.g., the location of your boost headers and libs is specified via --with-boost=.... You can run ./configure --help for possible parameters.




MCS-IE Online Demo


Knowledge Based Systems Group

Research Project:
  Inconsistency Management for
  Knowledge Integration Systems


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