KMonitor in JADE


The purpose of this student project is, to demonstrate the applicability of the plan monitoring approach in a software agent environment.

To this end the KMonitor and KDiagnose tools have been "agentized" in the Java Agent Development Framework (JADE).


The implementation allows to set up and run an agent system containing different types of agents:

  1. Plan-Execution Agent (PAA)

    This is the agent to be monitored. It simulates the execution of a plan and provides (partial) state information at certain intervals according to a chosen checkpointing policy.
  2. KMonitoring Agent (KMA)

    This agent offers a monitoring service for plan executing agents. It receives/requests (partial) state information and analyses it, either by itself (i.e., encapsulating KDiagnose) or by respective requests to a KDiagnose agent.
  3. KDiagnose Agent (KDA)

    This agent offers a plan diagnosis service by means of an agent communication interface to the KDiagnose functionality.



Download and extract jadeKMonitor.tar.gz.

Set the execution rights for the programs and scripts found in ./KMonitor/proc/ and in ./KMonitor/test/ according to your operating system.

You may run the test scripts in ./KMonitor/test/ and follow the debug information (mainly on the agent communication) given on the standard output device for different (successful and unsuccessful) agent setups and runs.

You might also wish to consult the user manual (in German).