Program Overview

A program overview is available here.

Session Details

Session 1 (Wednesday, October 1, 10:00 - 11:00):

"Polynomial Time Queries over Inconsistent Databases"
C. Molinaro

"Approximate Reasoning for Efficient Anytime Induction from Relational Knowledge Bases"
N. Di Mauro, T.M.A. Basile, S. Ferilli, F. Esposito

Session 2 (Wednesday, October 1, 11:30 - 13:00):

"Evaluating Trustworthiness from Past Performances: Interval-based Approaches"
J. Ben-Naim, H. Prade

"A Personalized Approach to Experience-Aware Service Ranking and Selection"
F. Klan, B. König-Ries

"Uncertainty Management for the Retrieval of Economic Information from Distributed Markets"
R. Brunner, F. Freitag, L. Navarro

Session 3 (Wednesday, October 1, 14:30 - 16:30):

"Scaling Most Probable World Computations in Probabilistic Logic Programs"
G.I. Simari, M.V. Martinez, A. Sliva, V.S. Subrahmanian

"Measuring the Ignorance and Degree of Satisfaction for Answering Queries in Imprecise Probabilistic Logic Programs"
A. Yue, W. Liu, A. Hunter

"On the Relationship between Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programs and Stochastic Satisfiability"
E. Saad

"A Logical Framework to Reinforcement Learning using Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programs"
E. Saad

Session 4 (Thursday, October 2, 10:00 - 11:00):

"A Framework for the Partial Evaluation of SPARQL Queries"
S. Flesca, F. Furfaro, A. Pugliese

"An Evolutionary Perspective on Approximate RDF Query Answering"
C. Guéret, E. Oren, S. Schlobach, M. Schut

Session 5 (Thursday, October 2, 11:30 - 13:00):

"Loopy Propagation in a Probabilistic Description Logic"
F.G. Cozman, R.B. Polastro

"Tractable Reasoning with Bayesian Description Logics"
C. d'Amato, N. Fanizzi, T. Lukasiewicz

"Performance Evaluation of Algorithms for Soft Evidential Update in Bayesian Networks: First Results"
S. Langevin, M. Valtorta

Session 6 (Thursday, October 2, 14:30 - 16:30):

"Fusing Uncertain Structured Spatial Information"
F. Dupin de Saint-Cyr, R. Jeansoulin, H. Prade

"Clustering Uncertain Data via K-medoids"
F. Gullo, G. Ponti, A. Tagarelli

"Frequent Itemset Mining from Databases Including One Evidential Attribute"
M.A. Bach Tobji, B. Ben Yaghlane, K. Mellouli

"Speeding up the NRA Algorithm"
P. Gurský, P. Vojtáš

Session 7 (Friday, October 3, 10:00 - 11:00):

"Using OBDDs for Efficient Query Evaluation on Probabilistic Databases"
D. Olteanu, J. Huang

"Optimization of Queries over Interval Probabilistic Data"
M. Magnani, D. Montesi

Session 8 (Friday, October 3, 11:30 - 13:00):

"An Efficient Algorithm for Naive Possibilistic Classifiers with Uncertain Inputs"
S. Benferhat, K. Tabia

"A Comparative Study of Six Formal Models of Causal Ascription"
S. Benferhat, J.-F. Bonnefon, P. Chassy, R. Da Silva Neves, D. Dubois, F. Dupin de Saint-Cyr, D. Kayser, F. Nouioua, S. Nouioua-Boutouhami, H. Prade, S. Smaoui

"Transitive Observation-Based Causation, Saliency, and the Markov Condition"
J.-F. Bonnefon, D. Dubois, H. Prade

Session 9 (Friday, October 3, 14:30 - 16:30):

"A Family of Tolerant Antidivision Operators for Database Fuzzy Querying"
P. Bosc, O. Pivert

"On the Performance of Fuzzy Data Querying"
M. Curiel, C. González, L. Tineo, A. Urrutia

"A Neuro Fuzzy Approach for Handling Structured Data"
A. Ferone, A. Petrosino

"Uncertain Context Modeling of Dimensional Ontology Using Fuzzy Subset Theory"
Y. Jiang, H. Dong

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held at the historical and famous Ristorante La Bersagliera.