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Ing. Matthias Schloegel

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System Administration
email: matthias at
Phone: +43 (1) 58 801-18464
Fax: +43 (1) 58 801-18493
Sec: +43 (1) 58 801-18405
Office hours: by appointment

A most interesting phenomenon SysAds encounter from time to time

MTBUSWA: Mean Time Before Users Start Walking Around

This number represents the interval between a network entering the hosed state and [l]users entering the :

  • confused-asking-other-users-if-they-can-reach-the-network state.

  • Typically, this interval seems to be under 2 minutes, but varies from system to system. This is followed by the lusers entering the :

  • asking-the-admin-if-(s)he-knows-the-network-is-hosed state

  • Which is followed by the lusers entering the :

  • trying-to-log-in-every-10-seconds-until-it-works-state

  • subsequently followed by the :

  • immediately-call-the-sysadmin-because-the-NFS-volumes-aren't-there-yet state

  • ... oh god I love this job ! fwf

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