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Topics for Theses

The following topics for bachelor or master theses in the area of Answer Set Programming (ASP) are currently available. Further (individual) topics in the area of ASP may be available upon request. Note that this list covers only topics I am working on and other members of the group may offer further topics! The extend and focus of most topics is adoptable depending on the type of the thesis (bachelor or master).

Each topic is accompanied with a short list of interests you should bring when working on the topic. This information is to ease orientiation, but it is not a mandatory prerequesite to have expert knowledge in all of these fields (some previous knowledge might be helpful). If you lack previous knowledge but are still interested and prepared to dig in, don't hesitate to contact me.

Many of the following topics deal with the ASP extension of HEX-Programs, which integrate ASP with external sources. To this end, they provide a bidirectional interface between the logic program and other sources. The program may send input parameters to the external source and retrieve its answer. For more details, see dlvhex.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of the topics. Alternatively, you can also contact me with your own idea.

Some topics, in particular for master theses, can be awarded with student grants (details to be discussed individually).

Available topics

Theses in progress or finished

The following theses are currently in progress or already finished (we may find similar topics or extensions if you are also interested):

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