Welcome to the Java Wumpus Cave

... where valiant heroes the dangers do brave,
... for treasure and fame no measure too grave,
... for treasure and fame they hunger and crave,
... the Wumpus and Pits, they seek to escape,
... their lives and their souls, forever at stake.

Intelligent(?) Agents having to collect gold and avoid dangers in a simple rectangular world, the wumpus world.

As a result of a students project, this site presents animated JAVA applets that demonstrate the behaviour of simple, classical algorithms for intelligent agent design.

In the wumpus world agents

Different agents populate the wumpus world: Each of these agents has its own strategy for exploring the wumpus world. Some are more or less intelligent, and some just perform randomly chosen actions.

Watch them perform!

Here is a screenshot of a simulation, click on it for some LIVE Action.

More Examples

(Note: These applets may take a while to initialize, depending on your Network connection)

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Further Information

This site and all the simulations it contains evolved from a students project done at the:
Institute of Information Systems, Knowledge Based Systems Group

The definition of the wumpus world and some basic agent design is based on the book:
Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach by Stuart J. Russel and Peter Norvig. which is also the basis of the groups lecture Wissensbasierte Systeme


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