INAP 2011 19th International Conference on Applications
of Declarative Programming
and Knowledge Management
Co-located with WLP 2011

Important Dates

Accepted Papers

Technical Papers

  1. Lena Wiese, Katsumi Inoue and Chiaki Sakama. Confidentiality-Preserving Data Publishing for Credulous Users by Extended Abduction
  2. Andreas Behrend. A Uniform Fixpoint Approach to the Implementation of Inference Methods for Deductive Databases
  3. Wolfgang Dvorak, Sarah Alice Gaggl, Johannes Wallner and Stefan Woltran. Making Use of Advances in Answer-Set Programming for Abstract Argumentation Systems
  4. Mai Nguyen, Tomi Janhunen and Ilkka Niemelä. Translating Answer-Set Programs into Bit-Vector Logic
  5. Radim Belohlavek, Lucie Urbanova and Vilem Vychodil. Sensitivity Analysis for Declarative Relational Query Languages with Ordinal Ranks
  6. Alexandre Miguel Pinto and Luis Moniz Pereira. Each normal logic program has a 2-valued Minimal Hypotheses semantics
  7. Rainer Lüdecke. Every Formula-Based Logic Program Has a Least Infinite-Valued Model
  8. Pashootan Vaezipoor, David Mitchell and Maarten Mariën. Lifted Unit Propagation for Effective Grounding
  9. Masanobu Umeda, Ryoto Naruse, Hiroaki Sone and Keiichi Katamine. Translating Nondeterministic Functional Language based on Attribute Grammars into Java

Application Papers

  1. Denny Schneeweiss and Petra Hofstedt. FdConfig: A constraint-based interactive product configurator
  2. Islam Abdelraouf, Slim Abdennadher and Carmen Gervet. A Visual Entity-Relationship Model for Constraint-Based University Timetabling

System Descriptions

  1. Wolfgang Dvorak, Michael Morak, Clemens Nopp and Stefan Woltran. dynPARTIX - A Dynamic Programming Reasoner for Abstract Argumentation
  2. Thomas Eiter, Thomas Krennwallner and Christoph Redl. Nested HEX-Programs
  3. Markus Triska. Domain-specific Languages in a Finite Domain Constraint Programming System
  4. Stef De Pooter, Johan Wittocx and Marc Denecker. A prototype of a knowledge-based programming environment