Reasoning Web 2012

Summer School

Vienna, Austria

September 03 - 08 2012


The Semantic Web is one of the major current endeavors of applied Computer Science. The Semantic Web aims at enriching the existing Web with meta-data and processing methods so as to provide web-based systems with advanced (so-called intelligent) capabilities, in particular with context-awareness and decision support.

The advanced capabilities required in most Semantic Web application scenarios primarily call for reasoning. Reasoning capabilities are offered by Semantic Web languages that are currently being developed. Most of these languages, however, are developed mainly from functionality-centered perspectives (e.g. ontology reasoning or access validation) or application-centered perspectives (e.g. Web service retrieval and composition). A perspective centered on the reasoning techniques complementing the above-mentioned activities appears desirable for Semantic Web systems and applications. This Summer School series is devoted to this perspective.

Focus of Reasoning Web 2012

The 2012 edition has Reasoning Web has a focus on foundational issues concerning the development and the use of logic-based languages, reasoning on and querying of the Semantic Web. It takes stock of the actual use of Semantic Web languages by presenting the state of art in research areas that constitute the current and the promising Reasoning on the Web application fields.

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