WLP 2011 25th Workshop on Logic Programming Co-located with INAP 2011

Important Dates

Accepted Papers

Technical Papers

  1. Shahab Tasharrofi, Xiongnan Newman Wu and Eugenia Ternovska. Solving Modular Model Expansion Tasks
  2. Bernd Brassel, Michael Hanus, Björn Peemöller and Fabian Reck. Implementing Equational Constraints in a Functional Language
  3. Monika Adamova and Jan Sefranek. Transfer of semantics from argumentation frameworks to logic programming
  4. Jan Sefranek and Alexander Simko. Warranted derivations of preferred answer sets
  5. Yuliya Lierler and Peter Schüller. Parsing Combinatory Categorial Grammar with Answer Set Programming: Preliminary Report
  6. Christoph Beierle, Gabriele Kern-Isberner and Karl Södler. A Constraint Logic Programming Approach for Computing Ordinal Conditional Functions

System Descriptions

  1. Christoph Wernhard. Computing with Logic as Operator Elimination: The ToyElim System
  2. Christian Kloimüllner, Johannes Oetsch, Jörg Pührer and Hans Tompits. Kara: A System for Visualising and Visual Editing of Interpretations for Answer-Set Programs
  3. Johannes Oetsch, Jörg Pührer and Hans Tompits. The SeaLion has Landed: An IDE for Answer-Set Programming - Preliminary Report
  4. Onofrio Febbraro, Nicola Leone, Kristian Reale and Francesco Ricca. Unit Testing in ASPIDE
  5. Norbert Manthey. Coprocessor - a standalone SAT preprocessor