The Wumpus-World Environment

This page describes the Wumpus-World in detail. Here you will find everything about the possible Percepts and Actions and they ways an agent can die in this Environment.

The Rules of the game

The goal for an agent who has ventured into the Wumpus-Environment is simple: Find as much pieces of gold as is possible without falling into a pit or being eaten by the Wumpus and leave the cave to enjoy the new-found fortune. To be able to survive in the environment an agent gets percepts from the environment. Those percepts tell an agent about its immediate surroundings and can be taken as a basis for the actions an agent takes.

To be able to measure an agent's ability to fulfill this goal the following scheme for awarding a score to the agent is used:

The possible ( Re )-Actions


Small icons are displayed at the side of each agent that represent the move they attempt to make.

Wheter the move was successful or not is displayed with a frame arround this icon.

If the frame-color is green the agent made a successful move. In case of the contrary the frame's color is red.

The possible Percepts

The two ways of dying


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