Setting up your own simulation site

This page shows how to set up and maintain your own site. Our Java applet was specifically designed and written to be reused by anyone interested in it. You may download the classfiles, the sourcecode and the project documentation from this page.

Before setting up your own site, you first need three things: The class files, the image files, and finally, some HTML files. If you want to write your own agents or environments, you will also need the Java source files, as well as the complete project documentation.

Next, you create your worlds and environments by writing your own HTML files. Every world is created from parameters taken from the HTML page. Here is the list of parameters of the existing World and WumpusEnvironment classes. Use them to create your own labyrinths and to put agents, gold and pits into them.

Finally, put your web pages and the class files into a directory and the images into a images/ subdirectory. Now check if everything is working well (be certain your HTML parameters are correct!), and you've got your own Wumpus or Whatever Simulation Site.

This file includes all necessary class files.
This file includes all images used. They need to be stored in a "images/" subdirectory of directory the applet is in. For changing image files, check the complete documentation.
This file includes all Java source files and their documentation. You will only need this if you wish to extend the applet.
This file includes the project documentation in the latex format (source & .dvi files). Take care: this file is huge.
If you are interested in how this applet works, here's a short overview.

For more information about the extendibility of this project, take a look at the extendibility page. Here you will find a short summary of the classes designed for reuse.


Last modified June 97