taasp 2020

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Accepted Papers/Abstracts

Pierre Tassel, Martin Gebser and Mohamed Rbaia. A Multi-shot ASP Encoding for the Aircraft Routing and Maintenance Planning Problem [paper]
Marco De Bortoli, Felicitas Fabricius, Selmair Maximilian, Michael Reip, Gerald Steinbauer and Martin Gebser. Towards ASP-based Scheduling for Industrial Transport Vehicles [paper]
Alice Tarzariol, Martin Gebser and Konstantin Schekotihin. Lifting Symmetry Breaking Constraints with Inductive Logic Programming [paper]
Mohammed El-Kholany and Martin Gebser. Job Shop Scheduling with Multi-shot ASP [paper]
Shutao Zhang, Zhizheng Zhang, Bin Wang and Jun Shen. Answer Set Programming with Epistemic Defaults [paper]
Yi-Dong Shen and Thomas Eiter. Constraint Monotonicity, Epistemic Splitting and Foundedness Can in General Be Too Strong in Answer Set Programming [paper]
Richard Taupe, Antonius Weinzierl and Gerhard Friedrich. Conflict Generalisation in ASP: Learning Correct and Effective Non-Ground Constraints (Extended Abstract) [paper]
Markus Hecher. Treewidth-Aware Reductions of normal ASP to SAT - Is normal ASP harder than SAT after All? [paper]
Flavio Everardo, Markus Hecher and Ankit Shukla. An Approximate Model Counter for ASP [paper]
Flavio Everardo. Over a Decade of Producing Music with Answer Set Programming. A Survey [paper]
Lukas Chrpa, Wolfgang Faber, Daniel Fišer and Michael Morak. Determining Action Reversibility in STRIPS Using Answer Set and Epistemic Logic Programming [paper]

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