Online Proceedings - WLP 2006

Michael Fink, Hans Tompits, Stefan Woltran (eds.): 20th Workshop on Logic Programming (WLP 2006), Vienna, Austria, February 22-24, 2006. INFSYS Research Report 1843-06-02, TU Wien, 2006. bibtex.


Invited Papers

Tableaux Calculi for Answer Set Programming. pp 1-11
Torsten Schaub

Algorithmic Aspects of Model Representations. pp 12-20
Reinhard Pichler


Object-Oriented Constraint Programming in Java Using the Library firstcs. pp 21-32
Armin Wolf

How to Teach Difference Lists? pp 33-34
Ulrich Geske

Regular Papers


Causal Theories as Logic Programs. pp 35-44
Paolo Ferraris

Voting Theory in Answer Set Programming. pp 45-53
Kathrin Konczak

Evaluating ASP and commercial solvers on the CSPLib (Preliminary work). pp 54-63
Marco Cadoli, Toni Mancini, Davide Micaletto, Fabio Patrizi.

Dynamic Logic Programming and world state evaluation in computer games. pp 64-70
Jozef Siska

Programming Aspects

Executable denotations for concurrent languages using Concurrent Transaction Logic. pp 71-80
Marcus Vinicius Santos

Adding Constraint Handling Rules to Curry. pp 81-90
Michael Hanus

INCLP(R) - Interval-based Nonlinear Constraint Logic Programming over the Reals. pp 91-100
Leslie De Koninck, Tom Schrijvers, Bart Demoen


Non-monotonic Integrity Constraints. pp 101-110
Jan Sefranek

Complete First-Order Axiomatization of Finite or Infinite M-extended Trees. pp 111-119
Khalil Djelloul and Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao

Many-valued Logic Programming and Fixpoint Semantics for Higher-order Herbrand Models. pp 120-128
Zoran Majkic

Semantic Web

Logic Programs with Contextually Scoped Negation. pp 129-136
Axel Polleres

Declarative Web data extraction and annotation. pp 137-144
Carlo Bernardoni, Giacomo Fiumara, Massimo Marchi, and Alessandro Provetti

Answer-Set Programming

Replacements in Non-Ground Answer-Set Programming. pp 145-153
Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Hans Tompits, Patrick Traxler, and Stefan Woltran

Weak Order Equivalence for Logic Programs with Preferences. pp 154-163
Kathrin Konczak

Decomposition of Nonmonotone Aggregates in Answer Set Programming. pp 164-171
Wolfgang Faber

Constraint-Handling Rules

Fine-grained Parallel Implementation of the Preflow-Push Algorithm in CHR. pp 172-181
Marc Meister

Dijkstra's Algorithm with Fibonacci Heaps: An Executable Description in CHR. pp 182-191
Jon Sneyers, Tom Schrijvers, Bart Demoen

ORCAS: Towards a CHR-Based Model-Driven Framework of Reusable Reasoning Components. pp 192-199
Jacques Robin and Jairson Vitorino

System Descritpions

A Tool for Advanced Correspondence Checking in Answer-Set Programming: Preliminary Experimental Results. pp 200-205
Johannes Oetsch, Martina Seidl, Hans Tompits, and Stefan Woltran

dlvhex: A System for Integrating Multiple Semantics in an Answer-Set Programming Framework. pp 206-210
Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Roman Schindlauer, and Hans Tompits

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